Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mama Lacona's 03-23-2013

As has been the habit, we started with fried ravioli, 3 sausage and 3 cheese. The cheese is ok, I am uncertain about the sausage. It had an odd texture and odd slightly fishy taste. I like it better on the second piece. It is a softer texture than I like. Not bad really, just not to my taste.

Lizzie got a Wedge salad, which she says is quite good. More from her in a moment.

Great big and very thin pieces of pepperoni cover most of that side of the  pizza, the sausage only covers part of it's side, it was like there was a cheese pizza down the middle. It has a very thin bread-y crust. On the first piece the topping pulled off, not a problem after that since it had a chance to cool down just a little. They use the milder Graziano sausage which is very good for this kind of pizza. I personally would have preferred a little more spice. They have a quite tasty cheese blend and good unobtrusive sauce that compliments rather than takes over.

Lizzie: the pepperoni is flavorful without being too spicy. The sausage is the mild grazianos, and its a very nice compliment to the over taste. The sauce is supportive without being overpowering. The crust isn't what we were looking for, but it is still VERY good. I really liked the cheese ravioli, but the meat ravioli was a much softer texture than I prefer. My salad was perfect.
Eric again: Overall, this is exceptional pizza. Really exceptional. The crust isn't quite what I am looking for, but it is still an excellent crust. Everything else is wonderful. Not the tastiest I have had, but darn close.
Eric's Rating
Rightness: 5
Tastiness: 9
Lizzie's Rating
Rightness: 3
Tastiness: 8.5

It occurred to me, I think that the last time I was in Mama Lacona's it was on Beaver, so that was at least two moves ago.