Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fong's Pizza 01-11-2015

Oh my. So far away what I have been looking for. SO tasty.

Their schtick is Chinese food made into pizza. For an appetizer we had egg rolls, which were more of spring rolls, but delicious. The sweet chili sauce was amazing.

Then we had the Fongolian Beef pizza.

So much of this blog has been about an anti-fancy pizza attitude. I told myself that I wouldn't post about any sort of fancy pizza, just good old-fashioned basic pizza. This place made me change my mind.

The crust is very thin and very crispy. The toppings were generous and amazing. I love Mongolian Beef anyway, and this was a superb take on it.

Now for the ratings.

Tastiness - Can I give this an 11?
Rightness - Can I give it a negative number?

Tastiness - She agrees with the whole 11 thing
Rightness - Absolute Zero

We will go back, we want to go with a few friends and everyone order a small pizza in a different style so we can try more kinds.

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