Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bordenaro’s Pizza

Tonight we went to Bordenaro’s Pizza on the south side. As much as I loved Chuck's, this may have made the rest of my search moot. Once again the sausage was Graziano's, really as it should be in Des Moines. The pepperoni was tasty, not as strong as some we have had, which was fine. Let's talk about the crust. It was thin, but it had layers. It had a nice crunch to it on the edges, but was softer, yet firm in the middle. The ingredients and the crust bonded nicely. There was a good amount of cheese, without drowning the pizza. The sauce had a nice tang that complimented both the sausage and the pepperoni very well. In all of our first bites we were all agreeing that this was the best so far.

Ok, I will say it, this was the best thin crust pizza I have had in decades. Tons of flavor and a good price. The search will continue, but I may be happy just going back here every few weeks.

Eric's Rating
Rightness Scale - 10
Tastiness Scale - 10

Lizzie's Rating
Rightness - 10
Tastiness - 10

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