Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pagliai's Pizza

We went to Pagliai's Pizza on Merle Hay Road. Very tasty, some pluses, a few minuses. As usual it was two pizza's a thin crust pepperoni and a thin crust sausage. In this case, as Lizzie found out, the sausage is made in-house and is very tasty. A little heavy on the garlic, but not in a bad way. The pepperoni is a little understated, but still yummy. The crust seemed to work better with the pepperoni although the top did pull away with each slice as I got near the end, a big minus for me. The pepperoni crust was wonderfully layered and nice and crisp. The sausage was a little heavy on the cheese for my tastes, Lizzie agrees.

Lizzie says, LOVED LOVED the sausage. Also, they had her favorite cheese blend so far.The rest she is pretty much in accord with me.

The numbers never seem to really completely reflect what we thought, but this rides a very close third after Bordenaro's and Chuck's. Highly recommended.

Eric's Rating
Rightness Scale - 8
Tastiness Scale - 9

Lizzie's Rating
Rightness - 7
Tastiness - 9

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